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Activities – Culture

Hin Ta & Hin Yai

About a 15 minute drive from Samui Ridgeway are Samui’s phallic rocks with their names meaning Grandfather Rock and Grandmother Rock respectively are a local must-see. In Samui legend the rocks represent two doomed lovers who drowned themselves in the sea here, because their families disapproved of their relationship.


Big Buddha

About a 30 minute drive from Samui Ridgeway, probably Samu’s most well known and visited landmark is the Big Buddha shrine located on the north coast. The 12 meter high golden Buddha is situated in the middle of surrounding temples and shrines, with various souvenir and food stalls alongside.Let us arrange a private Island tour for you.


Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

About a 30 minute drive from Samui Ridgeway, regarded as the world’s most dangerous martial art, Muay Thai is loved all over Thailand and is highly regarded by the Thai people. Koh Samui houses a large stadium in Chaweng where it hosts all the major fights on the island, with both local and international contenders. Fights are usually held twice a week on Monday and Friday nights but during peak season an additional Sunday night fight is often held and an evening at the stadium normally last about 3 hours.We can also arrange personal Muay Thai  training if you fancy that,during your stay with us.


Temple Tours

Thailand is known for it’s amazing temples and Samui is no different. From the larger more well known  temples such as the Big Buddha and Mummified Monk temples to the more unseen temples such as the White Jade Temple. Visiting the temples is a must for the curious traveller, not only are temples central to Thai culture – many of the temples are beautiful works of intricate architecture.


Local Coconut Farms

Samui is known as the “coconut island” because of it’s large number of coconut farms. Visit the local coconut farm to see how they process the coconuts and the local craftsmanship of the carpenters who use the coconut wood.